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International and Interregional Education and Science Interrelations of VFEU

63-main.jpg (23.4 Kb)The external international and interregional educational and scientific relations of the University are based on the long-term university program, laws of Ukraine in the field of education, international foreign economic activity, science and culture, customs procedures, regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the University's program for this important educational area activities.

Interuniversity cooperation with partners abroad in various fields of university activity is carried out in the following areas: international seminars, exhibitions, training of scientific staff, internships for students and teachers.

The University's scientific and pedagogical staff maintain educational and scientific links with the Vienna Technical University (Austria), the American Biographical Institute, the Technical University of the Netherlands, the Carleton University of Social and Technical Sciences (USA), the Prague Economic University and other universities, took part in lectures , internships, creative trips, international conferences, etc.

The University establishes scientific and educational links with universities abroad through its collective membership in the International Staff Academy, the European Network of National Information Centers on Academic Recognition and Mobility of the Council of Europe (UNESCO). Collaboration within the Academy made it possible for the three scientific and pedagogical staff of the University to become academics, four to the correspondent members of this academy, to 4 teachers - their documents on the educational level to the international standards of the master's degree and to the doctor of philosophy, and to the four scholars the title of professor was awarded.

A broad program of further cooperation with the ICA on the placement of graduates within and outside the country, internships for students and teachers in educational institutions in England, Austria, the USA and other countries is being developed. Funding for these programs is being sought.

In the scientific activity the University cooperates with a number of foreign scientific and higher educational establishments and institutions of Ukraine. The directions and universities that the University is co-operating in the field of educational, scientific and human resources are listed in the table.

List of institutions with which the VFEU cooperates and the nature of its cooperation

1 Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. - Research and development of the methodology for the formation of curricula and programs.

2 European University. - Joint development of the system of integration of training in production.

3 Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. - Development and application of an effective form of training: socio-psychological video training, internships for students abroad.

4 Consortium for Enhancing Business Education, International Agency for International Development. - Teachers' training for US funds.

5 International personnel academy. - Joint development of the system of retraining of personnel and internship abroad.

6 Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. - Development of a methodology for teaching a course in pedagogy and psychology in postgraduate study.

7 International Institute of Management (Moscow, Russia). - Development of a joint program of retraining and training of scientific personnel.

8 Academy of Labor and Social Relations. - Development and implementation of the latest educational technologies and testing, training graduates of lawyers to a higher level of bachelor.

9 National Law Academy - Educational and methodological support of the educational process and preparation of legal personnel.

10 Kiev National University of Economics. - Training of scientific personnel, expert assessment of the plans and programs.

11 American Geographic Institute. - Recognition of scientific achievements of teaching staff and internships in the USA.

12 Interregional Financial-Industrial Implementation Corporation "Technology and Synthesis" (Russia), and Applied Science and Technology Enterprise "Mechanics" (Kharkiv). - Together with the scientists of the VFUE have developed a project, experimental installations for the neutralization of pesticides and energy production from energy-saving technologies for the treatment of wastewater, waste from production and household waste on the basis of the use of microwave plasma torch.

13 Microsoft Corporation (USA) Galaxy, Parus, 1C Enterprise. - Ensuring 100% licensed operating and application programs of the University's educational process, holding practical seminars on their use.

14 The German firm Fa.B-Car (Berlin, Germany). - Exchange of students, scientists and experts from both sides in the field of science and education to joint scientific and academic research projects.

15 Belarusian State Pedagogical University, Volgograd Institute of Business (Russia), Namangan State University (Uzbekistan). - Conducting joint scientific-theoretical and practical international conferences, round tables, seminars, publication of scientific articles in professional editions.

16 Gau West International Agency. - International scholarly and cultural student cooperation enabled students to study at the University of England, USA, Israel, Germany and other foreign countries. According to the program of international scientific cooperation, a team of students of the Student Scientific Society "Chance" in an international competition organized by the CFA Institute; on the developed project of the grain market of Vinnytsya won the right to be among the 5 best teams of our state.

17 Main Department of Economy of the Regional State Administration. - Cooperation in the field of restructuring of the regional economy. A number of republican conferences were held with participation of leading scientists of scientific centers and employees of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. The manual was published with the participation of the University's scholars and developed the curriculum of the course "Restructuring of the regional economy", which was recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for application in the educational process of the economic universities of Ukraine. The University took part in the development of a promising program of economic development of the region by 2015.

18 Vinnytsia Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment. - Under special agreements on the basis of the University, external independent evaluation of entrants with the participation of university professors is conducted for the entire period of the center's activity.

19 International Information and Consultation Center (Tbilisi, Georgia). - Preparation of foreign students from Georgia to complete general secondary education.

20 Zhitomir Technological University; Sokiryan higher vocational school, Komargorodsky Professional Agricultural Lyceum; Zhmerinstke higher vocational school; Olgopolska higher vocational school; Litin Secondary School 1; Higher Scientific School (Warsaw, Poland). - A joint educational, scientific and educational complex "Education" was created for the training and guidance of young people and for joint creative and educational activities.

21 Kyiv National University of Law, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. - An expert on the training of lawyers for an educational qualification level is openly opened and operates on the basis of the VSEU department.

For the future 2019, the University plans to strengthen interregional relations with the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to study the processes of restructuring the regional economy and social sphere. To conclude an agreement on international cooperation with the European Assembly of the Union of Rectors, the European Association of European Higher Educational Institutions, to continue the scientific and technical partnership with Vieser International. Ine "(Toronto, Canada) and others for the preparation of scientific staff, publications of scientific works, joint scientific conferences, creative trips, internships and exchanges of students, lecturers, implementation of joint scientific programs, as well as:
- dissemination and implementation of the experience of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries on the problems of humanization and humanization of the educational process;
- participation of students and teachers in international and all-Ukrainian competitions on scientific works, individual disciplines, symposiums, conferences;
- creation of joint educational and scientific complexes;
- participation of scientists in joint research on educational and economic problems;
- introduction of training of foreign students.